October 28, 2018
The ability of Shawn Hull’s Blue Coast Financial to provide client businesses of all sizes and types with high quality consultant services that used to only be affordable to the largest companies is perhaps the key to their business model, even though it is very simple. They just want companies to become more efficient and to save companies money. That is almost always the way to greater profitability. Their experienced and knowledgeable business specialists will evaluate and closely scrutinize virtually every aspect of a business operation, until they find ways to squeeze more money out of it.

The overall approach taken by Shawn Hull and Blue Coast Financial tends to be very focused, which means it is easy for client companies to understand. Everyone on their team of consultants has plenty of experience, which means they know what makes a business tick. The savings they experience is not only a short-term boost in profits, but also a long-term ability to survive and thrive. Businesses of all sizes and types have hired Blue Coast Financial and have discovered significant cost savings as a result.
April 26, 2018
It is clear as a bell that Blue Coast Financial decided to base its business model on a different principle than many other business consultancies. They work from the premise that business owners should care about more than just business success and profit. They try to encourage clients to establish values that encompass far more than the depth of their bottom line. For example, a balance between life and work is essential to life. Of course, Blue Coast Financial will still help every client squeeze as much profit as possible from operations, but they will try to do so without severely altering their business model or changing their brand significantly.

Too often, business owners and leaders mistakenly believe a problem with their business has to do with their products and services, when in fact the problem is the way the business is being run. Businesses get into habits and those habits aren’t always good ones. Often, the culprit is inefficiencies in their systems, including some they may not even realize are a problem. The professionals at Blue Coast Financial are among the best anywhere at locating these types of problems and then demonstrating to the business the best ways to reduce or eliminate them.